Platters & Wine Flights

Short Stave Platter $95

“Our best seller” made from 3 wine barrel staves, great for breads, cheeses, crackers, olives etc, approx 550mm x 200mm, colour varies.


Short Stave Wide Platter $110

Second most popular platter, made from 3-4 wine barrel staves, great for serving small salads, meats, cheeses, crackers, olives etc is shorter than the long wide platter. Approx 550mm x 240mm, colour varies.

Short Wide Platter


Wine Barrel Head 580 Round Platter $180

Made from a Wine Barrel Head and has the barrel manufacturers unique French Stamp (which vary) and our Central Otago Antique tag the bottom, approx 580mm round, colour varies.

3) Round Platter $159

Wine Barrel Head 330 Wide Platter $160

Made from a Wine Barrel Head Platter has the barrel manufacture unique French Stamp (which vary) and our Central Otago Antique tag, approx 580mm x 330mm, colour varies.


CD Rount Platter

Wine Barrel Head 230 Wide Platter $140

Made from a Wine Barrel Head also has the barrel manufacture unique French Stamp (which vary) and our Central Otago Antique tag, approx 580mm x 230mm


Wine Barrel Part Head Platter $90

Made from a Wine Barrel Head, ideal for smaller serves. Sizes vary but are approx half that of a whole barrel head, colour varies.

Part Round Platter

Wine Barrel Cutting Platter $40

For every day use in the kitchen try one of these fantastic cutting boards made from the head of wine a barrel, great for herbs, fruit, scones or toast or small cheese platter.


Long Stave Wide Platter $150

Made up of 3-4 wine barrel staves, catering for large crowds holds volumes of breads, cheeses, crackers, olives, salads etc. Also great for displaying Christmas or Ornamental items when not being used for food, approx 880mm x 240mm, colour varies.

Long Wide Platter

Long Stave Platter $130

Made from 3 wine barrel staves excellent for serving fish fillets, cut meats and can hold good amounts of  breads, cheeses, crackers, olives etc also makes for an impressive fruit bowl. Approx 890mm x 210mm, colour varies.

Long Platter Avocados

Petite Short Stave Platter $85

Made from 3 wine barrel staves, perfect for petite cheese serves and fits on smaller tables, approx 440mm x 160mm, colour varies.

Petite Short Stave Platter

Part Stave Platter $80

A rustic 3 wine barrel stave platter featuring one end of the barrel which is great for sitting a cheese knife into – size and colour varies.

Half Stave Platter

Tapas Platter $70

Made from 2 wine barrel staves great for snacks, tapas or sushi serves, approx 500mm x 150mm, colour varies.



Slider Platter $60

A rustic 2 wine barrel stave platter – approx 420mm long, colour varies. (knife not included)

Slider 2


Single Cheese Platter $40

Made from the end of wine barrels staves perfect for single serves of your favourite cheese, a cheese knife sits perfectly into the end, size and colour varies

Single Cheese Platter


Grandy’s Wine Glass Flight $120 (currently sold out)

Wine Flights are made from wine barrel staves, holds 6 wine tasting or standard size white wine glasses.

Wine Flight

Central Otago Antique Tag

All our platters are tagged a stylish antique tag which is subtle at reinforcing the Central Otago flavour!


Antique Tag

“Perfectly Imperfect”

All products vary in depth of wine colour, timber shades and rustic appearance dependends on how old the barrel is. Not one item is the same as the other, all very unique.

Customers Platters in action

Thanks to a few of our wonderful customers for sharing your photo’s, good to see you putting them to great use!

Barrel Head Whole Platter with canap√©’s.

Round Platter

Barrel Head 330mm Wide Platter.

CD Rount Platter

Short Wide Platter.

Short Wide Platter Avocados

Barrel Head Part Platter.

Libbys Platter

Short Platter with citrus fruits.

Short Platter Lemons

Single Cheese Platter.

Single Cheese Platter

Barrel Head Whole Platter for a crowd.

Lisa's Round Platter

Short Wide Platter romantic serve for two.

Platter 1

Part Stave Platter.

Part Stave Platter

Long Wide Platter with salad.

Long Wide Platter Slad

Round Platter serving for a large crowd.

Platter 3

Short Wide Platter serving Blue Cod, Spinach Salad & White Bait Fritters mmmmm!

Platter 4

Platters are also great for serving desserts!